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Managing Stress: How to Take Care Of Our Mind & Body

Stress can greatly affect our body's normal function; especially if we don’t pay attention to the warning signs. Often, we deny the sensations we are feeling in our bodies as our physical and mental state is breaking down.

It is so important that we learn to watch out for the warning signs that stress is starting to take control of our system. We need to learn the ways to take care of our body to avoid a total breakdown.

Look Out for the Danger Signs 

Stress often starts out in our mind before it starts to show some signs on our bodies. Keep in mind that both are linked, and one will show some effects on the other. A stress-free mind is often the result of an active and healthy body, but a busy mind overwhelmed with problems will surely result in deteriorating health.

 It is especially important to watch out for danger signs that our body is nearing the limits of its tolerance to stress. We may feel some minor aches and pains in various parts of our body when our mind is getting burdened with all the stress and problems it is subjected to. If left unchecked, it might result to sleeping and behavioural problems, lack of breath, or even a potential heart attack.

Mentally Cope With Stress

The mind shows the first signs of stress and will later reveal itself to our emotional and physical state when left unchecked. It is essential that we learn how to calm our minds when under the throes of stress. We need to learn to focus our thoughts and push the problems to the side so we can relax when we need to.

This might take some effort but there are some techniques we can use to simplify the process and help us to learn stress management in small steps. We can start by listening to our favourite music to focus our thoughts and change our emotional state. Singing along with the lyrics or humming the tune to divert our attention away from our problems (it doesn’t even matter if you’re tone deaf like me) is an effective strategy.

 Breathing Exercise

 Another method is to focus on our breathing. We can start some exercises which involves breathing in and out in specific intervals. This might take some getting use but we will be able to focus on our breathing quickly after some practice.

Also, this exercise will ensure that our body, as well as our mind will get enough oxygen for it to function properly. We usually hyperventilate or suffer short breathing when stressed so it is best to practice some breathing exercises to help us cope with it.

Eat The Right Food To Fight Stress

We need to take care of what we eat if we plan to fight stress head-on. It is essential that our body gets enough nutrients for it to function properly and avoid a breakdown when our mind is getting bombarded with problems.

Avoid eating foods that are high in cholesterol and try to focus more on integrating a healthy lifestyle of fruits and vegetables. Healthy foods can help us not only feel better and think more clearly but put us in the best position to deal effectively with stress.

What's your favourite stress management technique that works well for you? 



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