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Losing Weight with Willpower

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2020

Can you rely on willpower to lose weight?

Will willpower alone lead you taking action to achieve the body of your dreams? The biggest barrier we face to changing our habits is actually your willpower and self-discipline. 

It's easy to fall into a vicious cycle. You know the one where you eat a diet full of fats, carbs, and crap. These kinds of foods make you feel really tired and lethargic all the time. Then, because your body lacks energy, you don't feel much like exercising, or doing anything for that matter.

The result is that your willpower has run for the hills and you are left feeling miserableable and hopeless. Willpower is only short term.

But don't give up yet - there is hope! You can make the change. If you truly want to lose weight and/or get healthy, you first need to have a plan to rely on when your willpower starts to waiver.

Here's a list of things to consider when boosting your willpower:

1. Don't Wait To Feel Hopeless. Put a plan in place before your willpower starts to fade. It's easier to stay on track when you have a strategy to follow. Consistency is the key.


2. Reduce Your Portion Size. This is one tip that can allow you to start small. It's hard to make the change by going straight from one extreme to another. Start by having the same meal tonight that you would normally eat - but serve yourself a smaller portion size. Try using a smaller plate so the plate visually appears to be full.

3. Weekly Cheat Days Are Encouraged. No-one likes to feel that they are making sacrifices all of the time. Allow yourself some to have some fun and enjoy special occassions. Try scheduling one cheat day a week and see how it goes. If you know that you can enjoy pizza for dinner on the weekend or that yummy chocolate cake for dessert, it will be easier to restrict yourself through the week. Just be mindful to not treat your cheat day as a total 'pig-out' day. Eat slowly and savour your food. Once you've consumed your serving say "that's it for this week!"

4. Photograph Yourself. Selfies can be a great way to motivate yourself to lose weight and stick to your healthy eating plan. Seeing yourself in a photo gives you a reality check and can deepen your determination to stick to your plan. Keep that photo on your phone and look at it whenever you feel like giving up. As you start to trim down, take regular photo updates to increase your motivation.

5. Healthy Food List. Do some research and write down all the healthy foods that you actually enjoy eating. Stock up on lots of fruit and veggies and try doing some meal prepping so you have healthy meals ready to go.

6. Easing into Exercise. If you haven't been exercising at all, you might want to ease into it. Decide whether you want to join a gym or prefer to go walking, swimming etc. Aim to exercise at least 30 minutes, three times a week.  

Set Small Goals

It's important to set yourself realistic goals and view your changes as a lifestyle plan. Expecting too much, too soon will only set you up for failure. Try focusing on feeling healthy and motivated than obsessing over how many kilos your have lost.

Remember to reward yourself and regularly give yourself credit for all of the changes you are making. You're doing a great job. Once you start noticing results you will have the willpower to continue on the journey to success!


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