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Are Emotions Stopping Your Weight Loss Goals?

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2021

If you're like most people, you probably don’t take a lot of time to engage with your own emotions. Most people prefer to distract themselves with anything that they can, because just being by themselves with their thoughts is an uncomfortable and scary notion.

Some people are secretly less happy than they appear to be. They don’t want to face the emotions they have surrounding their unhappiness, so they’ll avoid it with emotional eating. Anything to take their minds off their true feelings and avoid having to have that inner discussion.

If you find yourself eating when you're not actually hungry, or overeating, you might very well be avoiding your emotions. When you start to use food as solace, it might be because of a specific issue that you’re upset about, like a realationship breakup, or it might be because you’re avoiding something that you’re not aware of.

It could be that someone said something rude to you and it stuck with you throughout the day, so you eat a lot more later on to avoid thinking about it, It's less painful to focus on a large comfort meal.

You can’t hide from moments like this by eating food, but rather you have to sit and be with your thoughts and emotions and work through them logically. A good way to start practicing this is by getting into meditation.

Being able to clear your mind and just sit calmly is a great way to learn that self-control, which is so important to handling emotions. When you’re able to only focus on how you’re feeling, you gain a lot of clarity in your mind that helps you overcome these obstacles in your life much more than you would find by emotionally eating.

You should also work your way up through your emotions, and start with some lesser ones so that you get a grip on it. If you dive straight into your harshest and most brutal emotions, then you’re going to have a hard time handling them. 

You need to start with something like why you were upset when someone cut you off in traffic, before you can move on to your deeper seeded childhood traumas. Being able to handle your emotions as they come to you is such a crucial thing to learn, because without it, you will act irrationally.

Things like eating when you get stressed out or lashing out when you’re angry stem from not being in control. But if you have a good grip on your mindset, you’re going to have a much better time dealing with things and letting them go or creating a plan of action to get past it.

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